Karate Classes Conveniently Located in: Ipswich , and Stowmarket


Kids Karate in Ipswich teaches discipline & self confidence !

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Kids Karate

Blackwell Academy's Kids Karate classes are perfect for any child. Along side strong Karate lessons taught by our excellent instructors, every student will make friends and learn important aspects of the Martial Arts curriculum.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Blackwell Academy teaches the most effective fighting techniques on the earth! Our Mixed Martial Arts programmed can turn anyone, regardless of age, gender or previous experience into a quick and powerful fighting machine! When you train at Blackwell Academy you are assured that the skill you are learning are second to none!

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Blackwell Academy's Kickboxing class is an exciting, action-packed class that relieves stress, burn calories and kicks your butt in a fun and exciting cardio workout.

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Blackwell Academy

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The gym at the Blackwell Academy

Did you know that the Blackwell Academy in Ipswich has a fully equipped gym.

so you can have a work out.

or book a personal training session with one of the personal trainers. 


New MMA Cage at the Ipswich Academy Ready for Action


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