• Chris P., Blackwell Academy Testimonials

    I started there 5 years ago with my daughter and we still both love it. Friendly family environment with all the support you need. Excellent facilities and top class training.

    Chris P.
  • Tori S., Blackwell Academy Testimonials

    My son Gabriel joined February 2015 when he was 4 he's enjoying doing the karate. I'm happy how Gabriel is progressing. All very friendly and helpful, would recommend to friends and family.

    Tori S.
  • Adrian S., Blackwell Academy Testimonials

    Best thing I've ever done was joining top quality staff and instructors my son and daughter love it there to and my partner does kickboxing so there is something for the whole family thanks every one at the academy for making us all feel welcome

    Adrian S.
  • Gary O., Blackwell Academy Testimonials

    Excellent gym facilities, knowledgable instructors. Nice to see Brazilian Jiu Jitsu taught so well

    Gary O.
  • Puiver C., Blackwell Academy Testimonials

    I really enjoy coming to Blackwell Academy, the staff there are very friendly and nice to you and the pricing is good

    Puiver C.
  • Gina F., Blackwell Academy Testimonials

    My daughter has been attending Kickboxing for almost a year now. She is progressing exceptionally well, and I'm very pleased with all the coaching. All the staff members are very friendly

    Gina F.
  • Thomas C., Blackwell Academy Testimonials

    Top quality academy with professional staff. Recommended for anyone looking to improve fitness and learn self defense.

    Thomas C.
  • Sue M., Blackwell Academy Testimonials

    My girls love going to Blackwell academy... great atmosphere!

    Sue M.
  • Heidi J., Blackwell Academy Testimonials

    Second home for 15 years!

    Heidi J.


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